Blue note

I am a great consumer of music and I like to listen to different genres like rock, heavy metal, pop, punk, EDM, jazz, blues etc… All these genres accompany me in some other way when I draw. Music has inspired me so much that for almost a year I decided to learn how to play guitar. Thanks to this I have also seen several documentaries about famous musicians, especially those related to blues and jazz, such as Miles Davis, B.B. King and Robert Johnson (his story of how he sold his soul to the devil is fascinating).

Esta dibujo o ilustración nace a partir de la música que he escuchado últimamente y su historia. Les comparto parte del proceso que seguí para este dibujo y 2 versiones a color, una con luces y sombras más detalladas y otra con colores planos al estilo de los comics de los 50’s y 60’s

Brainstorming begins
I’m starting to define the shapes I want for the character that might work.
I keep sketching, but with a clearer idea until I choose the drawing that can serve me.
I start drawing the character in pencil defining the line well and giving detail to each of the elements of the character.
First version with flat colors, I love what those golden age comics looked like, with everything and their imperfections in printing, so I decided to give it that look.
And finally I make a more detailed version with lights, shadows and light bounces.

I really enjoyed the process of this drawing, very soon I will upload more design processes as well as some sketches that I do in my free time. See you and keep rocking 😉

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